Altered Carbon, Season Review

• Altered Carbon • Season Review . Overall this is a bold and brilliant show. A great concept that breaks boundaries with regards to how we view our physical bodies as well as gender identity. In this world you can switch bodies “like a snake sheds its skin” whilst your personality remains via a “stack”….

Classic Film Notes: NCFOM

A classic from the Coen Bros

BR 2049: Visually stunning but far from perfect.

I have my own conflicting views when thinking about this film. On one hand you have the visuals and the score which as expected were stunning and memorable. Villeneuve and Deakins manage to capture the same neo-noir tone & imagery of the prequel to good effect. And the imagery is astounding at times. On the…

Is FOMO real?

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is it actually a real thing? Or is it just seeking online justification from strangers? Praying that you get that next like or that crying laughter emoji (😂) in response to your latest comment. You could argue it’s just the easiest way to avoid social interaction. Check insta, check…